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I am your local agent and your property expert, covering Abridge and the surrounding areas, delivering a pro-active and dedicated service whilst being available 7 days a week for you. Powered by Keller Williams. I am able to tailor a service to each of my clients to achieve the desired result, no two clients are the same, so a blanket strategy will not work for all. This is the definition of bespoke, one-on-one agency. Find out more


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How to sell your Essex home

When it comes to selling a property, it pays to do your research before choosing an agent to manage the sale. You would be forgiven for thinking all estate agents are the same but…. you’d be wrong! A great agent won’t just sell your property; they’ll sell it for the highest possible price that the market will allow. 

A mediocre agent will go through the motions and probably secure a sale but won’t go the extra mile to get the absolute best deal. Given that you’ll most likely only sell a property once or twice in your life, why wouldn’t you go with someone who will secure the best transaction for you? Here are our top tips when looking for a good estate agent. 

Track record. Go with an agent who has a good local reputation and experience selling properties like yours. And don’t just take the agent’s word for it; a good agent will have client testimonials.

Fees and costs. It may be tempting to go with the agent with the lowest fee – but be wary. Low-fee agents skimp on marketing and photography. 

Professional marketing. Buyers do so much of their research online that an agent must have a professional digital presence. Compare how local agents in Essex present properties for sale. Look for good quality photography and well-written property descriptions.

Valuation. If an agent vows to sell your property for a sum that is jaw-droppingly higher than market value, be suspicious. Most likely, they’re over-promising to lure you in and will have to drop the price later when savvy buyers don’t fall for it. This tactic just wastes time. Go with an agent who is optimistic but realistic.

Don’t just rely on the brand. dig deeper into the agent who will be selling your home. For me, this is the most important. You will be speaking to this agent near off every day for the next 6 months until the sale is completed. You want to make sure you have a good relationship with them and trust that person will do the job you have instructed them to do.  

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